Our experience comes from a long journey during which we’ve learned from some good teachers, and some not-so-good; from life-long companions and from visiting colleagues; from great friends and from brief acquaintances.

But it is all these things that have helped us to build a solid base of expertise and an extensive understanding of the audio-visual sector, from which we can instruct and guide our clients, to help them achieve their learning objectives.

At beSenpai we teach to learn.


Luis Lungarini
Co-Founder – Producer 

Luis Lungarini built up his reputation across Argentina as a producer in different communications media. He came to Barcelona to focus on audio-visual production, one of his greatest passions.

Here he has worked with producers, television channels, communication agencies and companies, with whom he was able to gain production experience in all types of formats. This project is now the opportunity in which he can concentrate all his expertise to guarantee final results of an impeccable standard.

Víctor Fernández
Co-Founder – Streaming 

He has developed his career between the advertising and audio-visual sectors. As a qualified publicist, he has gained fifteen years of experience in different types of audio-visual projects in the cultural business sector.

After an interlude working as part of a multinational company, he made the decision to apply all his accumulated knowledge and embark on an adventure with this specialised project in video streaming and online learning.


If it’s related to online learning, we do it: we produce courses, make live online videos, provide a consultancy service, and undertake audio-visual projects…


Take a look at some of the things we’ve done!. There is plenty here, but if you are looking for something with a different angle, just ask us, and we’re sure to find common ground.


Great talent is at the heart of any true senpai. Do you want to work with us?