Web 2.0

Este curso está está dedicado a la Web 2.0 y herramientas en la nube. Impartido por Rafael Martín, conoceremos y aprenderemos a usar aplicaciones y herramientas que espero que os ayuden en vuestro ámbito de trabajo pero también en el personal.

Será un curso práctico para conocer los beneficios y limitaciones de cada aplicación.Además de conocer herramientas, vamos a analizar las implicaciones que tiene trabajar en la Web 2.0, para trabajar en equipo, en diferentes dispositivos, manejando y creando contenidos de formación colaborativa y mejorando la comunicación.

This course is devoted to Web 2.0 and cloud tools. Facilitated by Rafael Martin, know and learn to use applications and tools that will help you in hope that your work environment but also personal.

It will be convenient to know the benefits and limitations of each aplicación. Furthermore to know tools course, we will analyze the implications of work on the Web 2.0, to work together, on different devices, managing and creating content collaborative training and improving communication skills. 

Rafa Martín

I am a training manager with more than 14 years experience on the ICT field. I have also a wide experience as ICT trainer of teachers and professionals.
I have a background in teaching, developing methodologies and designing courses, online and offline and eLearning; I have developed specifications for virtual platforms, lead multidisciplinary teams to fulfill concrete objectives within a project and manage communications in big teams.

As trainer manager I spent four years in Jakarta leading the Instituto Cervantes and its eLearning project in Indonesia. I am also very satisfied about the work we developed in lab_RSI organizing a virtual knowledge network in the Red Fractal project about the Ciborg
I worked as network manager in lab_RSI; and as researcher and trainer on ICT application in professional environments in TacTic, a company that I co-founded with two other colleagues.
I am currently working in Hewlett Packard as eLearning specialist, being responsible of this are in the Graphics Solution Business for EMEA Sales Training team.

I am driven and motivated by start ups and companies where content, challenge and innovation are really important factors, where creation, design and out-of-the-box thinking are part of the daily environment.

Contact: https://www.linkedin.com/in/rafaelotix